Our mission

Our Mission

To bring hope to the Orphans of the world by providing food, shelter, medical care, children’s Bibles, educational assistance, adoption advocacy and more in a manner that breaks the cycle of dependence and promotes individual and societal productivity as well as charitable character within the community.

ORPHAN AID AUSTRALIA INC provides a quality education to poor or orphaned children in India. The children are often marginalised because of their financial sitution and social status. They don’t have money to attend school let alone afford basic essentials. With a good education, these children will have an opportunity to succeed. They’ll be able to pursue careers and contribute back to their communities. You can send children in India to school and help them develop intellectually and creatively in a safe learning environment.


A society in which every poor and less fortunate attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation.

The number of children In India who are not in school still remains high. According to UNICEF, children are denied equal opportunities for education because of caste, class and gender differences. Poor or orphaned children are unable to get a chance to learn. They often drop out of school to help provide for themselves or their family, even at an early age. Without an education, the children will be subject to a life of extreme poverty and, at times, may be forced into bonded labour.

Orphan Aid Australia identifies children in need and provides them with their basic needs in order for them to succeed. They get a chance to attend a quality school that teaches, prepares, and encourages them to realise their dreams and pursue promising careers. They also receive after-school tutoring if extra academic help is needed. In addition to an education, children who are in most need also receive assistance for food, shelter, and basic supplies to ensure they are cared for.

Orphan Aid Australia believes that the primary need of these people is food, and money comes second. Everyday, large number of people including old men, women and children in our society die due to hunger and malnutrition. Poor people are not capable enough to afford a decent meals twice a day.

In a country where vast majorities of the rural population have little or no access to basic services like education, health, food, and shelter then ‘equity’ and ‘equitable development’ are faint an elusive concepts. Our aim is to provide all kind of help and assistance to widows and orphans in Indian community and we are committed to providing hope, health and education to underprivileged children and families in need.


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