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Financial Assistance to Widows & Elderly :The main objective of the scheme is to improve the quality of life of older persons by providing basic amenities like shelter, food, medical care that extends social assistance for poor households- for the aged, widows, disabled, and in cases of death where the breadwinner has passed away.

School Fees for Orphan Children : Education as recognised in the convention on the rights of the child is a basic human right for all children (Committee on the Rights of the Child, 1989). A child who has access to quality primary schooling has a better chance in life. A child who knows how to read and write and do basic arithmetic has a solid foundation for continued learning throughout life. 

Education breaks the cycle of poverty and hopelessness and it enables the children to look forward to a bright future with good careers.

Food Package to poor families & Dinner Distribution to Homeless : Orphan Aid Australia feeds more than 2000 poor people every year in Hyderabad, India. We’ve been fighting hunger in this way for more than 2 years. We also regularly distribute rice and other uncooked staple foods to remote tribal communities who do not receive aid from any other organization. Along with food distribution, our centers often provide free, specialized medical services are provided free of charge.


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